God is Faithful and Good – December 2019


As I think over what we have experienced in 2019, I am amazed at the faithfulness of God and His people. I can think of the Fall Work Bee, where we had the most people turn out for it in my memory. I think of our furnace issues, where God came through with a solution that was low cost. I remember people taking some initiative, putting together plans, getting approval and then updating our stage. I ponder how some have pressed through difficult times to see God meet them.

There are many more things that run through my mind but suffice it to say that God is good. He is good in a ways we cannot imagine: doing “abundantly more than all that we ask or think” (Eph 3:20). He is the very definition of what “good” is. The Ladies’ Life Group went through a study called “Good or God.” We can struggle with this in our lives. We all have had some difficulties and disappointments in 2019 but do will we choose forget the good things. We can put ourselves on the throne and judge what is good in our own eyes. However, this is a distraction and deception that stops us from seeing how faithful God is.

Many people review the year that is closing and make goals or commitments or “New Years’ Resolutions” about the coming year. Often this is based on what wasn’t accomplished and what they want to now see happen. But, what if we thought about what was accomplished, what God did do, and use that reflection to propel us into what God intends to do in 2020? What if we built upon God’s goodness, upon God’s faithfulness, then what would our view of 2020 be?

Whatever our trials and tribulations, and even disappointments and failures, God is faithful and good. Let’s remind ourselves of his benefits (Ps 103:2) and trust in Him for 2020.

Journeying with you,

Pastor Merril

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