Frequently Asked Questions

We know it’s not always easy visiting a new church. You may find yourself asking these questions: What will the service be like? What are the people like? How should I dress? Will my kids enjoy it? Am I welcome if I do not believe in God?

Whether you regularly attend church or are new to church, believe in God or not, we welcome you as our guest! It is very important to us that your visit to The Freedom Centre Church is enjoyable and we are glad to have you.


When is your worship service?

Sunday morning at 10:30am
We are live-steaming it on our Facebook page

Where are you located?

(we are conveniently located near several bus stops around 50th street and 137 Ave and a 10 min walk from Clareview Transit Center)


What should I wear?

We have a casual atmosphere – come as you are! We don’t believe you need to wear a suit & tie, or dresses to come to church or worship “properly”, although you’re welcome to wear those if you like, too. It’s up to you!
We exist to worship and experience God together, no matter your race, culture, background or what you wear!
What can I expect on a Sunday Morning?
A lively worship style that blends both the modern and classic songs of worship into an experience that is geared to drawing closer to His presence.  Most Sunday mornings we have live worship, but occasionally we have worship songs in video format as well. 
The music portion of our worship service usually lasts about 30 minutes.
Our pastor, or occasionally a guest speaker, will deliver a message that is Biblical and practical, in language we all use and understand.
Offering will be taken every Sunday morning. We are able to operate because of the godly generosity of people but, as our guest, there is no obligation or expectation for you to give.  Our main desire is for you to engage with what God is doing in our church.
We are friendly people. We know, every church thinks they’re friendly, but the
most frequent comment we get from our guests is how friendly our people are.

What is there for my children?

Having transitioned for the time being to completely online ministry, we are working toward having a separate children’s portion during our live-stream that children can go to. Many people have more than one screen in their home and can have the children on one while the adults hear what Pastor Merril has to share.


Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.