Anchored Kids Ministry

Children don’t access a kids’ size God but rather the same amazing and immense God but in a way that they can engage with. There is no Jr. Jesus, just Jesus!
We believe in kids having a relationship on God, learning from the Bible, having opportunities to apply what they learn practically and in prayer, and, of course, having fun! 

The Sub

(Ages 8-12


The Beach

(Ages 4-7)


The Island
(Ages 0-3)


Ladies’ Life

Women  in today’s world face
challenges that require
faith, friendship, and fervency.
We  love to meet to encourage 
and pray for each other.
(Planning to resume  in the fall)
for more information.


Ok men. Let’s talk turkey.
Many of us are “turkeys.”
We need  to challenge  &  comradery.
We meet bi-weekly  on Saturdays at  8 a.m.
(We will be off for August)