Food/Clothing Bank and Breadbasket

Carefully read below as we have new procedures
We want to continue serving, so protect this service and others by adhering to COVID-19 restrictions
Food Banks are considered an essential service in Alberta during the current coronavirus pandemic. However, we must still take precautions to prevent possible transmission of the virus.
Due to the restrictions on gatherings in response to the Novel Coronavirus that the Alberta Government has put forward, we are making adjustments to our process so that we can continue to serve the community while keeping health and safety a priority. Please note that this is a shifting situation and our ability to serve in this way can change suddenly.
Please also note that the Edmonton Food Bank has also made changes to their service due to COVID-19.
We will continue to be a depot for Edmonton Food Bank Hampers and operate our Breadbasket. However, please be aware of the following necessary changes:
  • STAY AWAY IF YOU HAVE EVEN MINOR ILLNESS AND GET SOMEONE ELSE TO PICK UP your hamper or breadbasket items so that we prevent the spread of illness (no cough, fever, etc.)
  • NO MORE THAN 50 people will be allowed in the building at any time, including our volunteers.
  • “NOW SERVING” NUMBERS will be distributed outside the building on newly printed paper which clients will dispose of in a garbage when entering.
  • BREADBASKET SERVICE will be on Wednesdays from 9:30 to 11:00am (as close to it as we adjust) to give more time and allow for social distancing.
         – Access to the building will stop while the Food Bank truck is being unloaded of hampers.
  • HANDLING OF BREADBASKET ITEMS will only done by gloved volunteer staff. Clients will point to what they want and the staff will deposit it in the client’s bag.
  • FOOD BANK HAMPER SERVICE will continue on Wednesdays from 10:00 to 11:00am.
  • Waiting spaces inside the building will be very limited to ensure social distancing and organization. Please follow all directions.
  • SNACK & BEVERAGE SERVICE that was provided while waiting is CLOSED indefinitely.
  • CLOTHING BANK ROOMS have been temporarily CLOSED while we assess how it should properly be accessed.
The information below will remain on this page but is augmented by what you have read above.
If you are wanting a food bank hamper from the Edmonton Food Bank, then you must BOOK A HAMPER WITH THE EDMONTON FOOD BANK. We are only a depot for the Edmonton Food Bank and do not do the order processing. Due to the large volume of requests for hampers, we would encourage you to place your order with them by Friday of the week before in order to have a hamper at our site. The easiest way to order a hamper is by going to and clicking on the “Hungry” icon.
If you want to call them, please do so at (780) 425-4190 but expect the line to be very busy as it is the only number for all of Edmonton. You can only receive a hamper once every 30 days.
We have a free BREAD, VEGGIE & GROCERY BASKET that is available weekly. We try our best to serve everyone fairly and will restrict the amount of each type of item so that everyone gets an equal amount. Please be aware the food items may be past their “best before” date. Different foods have different shelf lives. Please CHECK ALL FOODS for their expiry date and their condition BEFORE CONSUMPTION. It is your responsibility to know what you are eating. If you come for a Food Bank Hamper, you may wait for everyone who is only coming for the Food Basket to have their turn and then access it as well.
We also have a CLOTHING BANK that is available next to the waiting area in the basement auditorium. There are two rooms – one for children and the other for older people. If you want to contribute to our Clothing Bank, please do so on either Tuesday or Wednesday morning, as that is when people will be around to receive it.