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Food Bank and Breadbasket

Wednesday Mornings – 9:30-11:00am
If you are wanting a food bank hamper from the Edmonton Food Bank, then you must BOOK A HAMPER WITH THE EDMONTON FOOD BANK. We are only a depot for the Edmonton Food Bank and do not do the order processing. Due to the large volume of requests for hampers, we would encourage you to request it a week in advance, but there are many depots around the city operating on different days and times, and you should contact the Food Bank if you have a need. The easiest way to order a hamper is by going to https://www.edmontonsfoodbank.com/ and clicking on the “Hungry” icon.
If you want to call them, please do so at (780) 425-4190. The line may be busy, but keep trying to get through.
We have a free BREAD, VEGGIE & GROCERY BASKET that is available weekly. We try our best to serve everyone fairly and will restrict the amount of each type of item so that everyone gets an equal amount. Please be aware the food items may be past their “best before” date. Different foods have different shelf lives. Please CHECK ALL FOODS for their expiry date and their condition BEFORE CONSUMPTION. It is your responsibility to know what you are eating. If you come for a Food Bank Hamper, you may wait for everyone who is only coming for the Food Basket to have their turn and then access it as well.
We NO LONGER have a clothing bank.

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