Our Values at the Freedom Centre
Freedom that brings Wholeness
We encourage Godly freedom, which propels people to become healthy and mature in spirit, soul and body.
Generosity that is Genuine
We give our whole lives as a reflection of the extravagantly generous nature of our God.
Grace that Gravitates
We express Jesus in an attractive way that invites everyone to the relationship with God that Jesus offers.
Honour that Elevates
We freely give honour to those above us, beside us and under us because of the calling and potential God has placed inside of them.
Inspiration that breathes Innovation
We thrive within our God-given limitations by drawing on divine creativity to go beyond formulas and traditions.
Impartation that releases Inheritance
We believe in blessing that encompasses all generations and enables us to posses God’s promises.
Power that is Pervasive
We function based on God’s ability, not simply our own , and expect to see it in all areas of life and ministry
Prayer that Reaches and Receives
We pray like God hears us, we listen as He speaks and we respond to each other.
Servanthood that’s more than Sentiment
We embody and express Jesus’ model of servant ministry.
Truth that Transforms
We share the truth unashamedly and courageously, not simply to inform but to see change in thought and action.
Vision that upholds Unity
We have purpose and vision from God that defines the banks of the river that flows here and welcome people to join their streams in those banks.
Worship that Reveals God
We live Christ-centred, worship-full lives for the purpose of pleasing God, not ourselves. We live relationship, not ritual.