To grow together and be strengthened in God as we study, discuss, pray, worship, laugh and surrender to God



To impact our families and communities; allowing His life to shine through us as women.

Thoughts for Spring 2018

We believe it is time for women to rise up and take their place in the Kingdom of God. In praying about this upcoming year we have felt that we need to be activated to do our part in our communities and our families. Just like Esther was told in Esther 4:14b ‘…who knows but that you have come into your Royal position for such a time as this?
We, as women, are planted here in our church, in our families and in our communities for a reason. God has seen these reasons from before the beginning of time and wants to call us into our destinies and positions in Him, just as He called Esther so long ago to take her place.  This is a season that we need to gird ourselves in all the things we have learned and walk forward with Him and in Him.

Things to Watch For