Files & Forms

Facility Rental Agreement

Fasting Guide

This is a practical guide to fasting in an healthy manner. Any health concerns should be addressed to your doctor before starting a fast.

Fasting Information

A second document on fasting that you may find informative.

Fasting Food Like Daniel

This document is a practical guide for a partial-food fast like Daniel did in Daniel 10. Partial-food fasts are a good choice when it would be unhealthy to fast food completely due to the requirements of your medical condition or activity level. Any concerns should be addressed with your doctor prior to fasting, even with a guide like this one.

Sozo Ministry App

Sozo is an inner healing and deliverance ministry that has a focus on seeing you deepen your relationship with God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). The team meets biweekly to schedule ministry times. Complete the application form and turn it in at the main office or via mail or email. You will be contacted to set up an appointment.