Controlling the Fire: anger management from a Christian Perspective

Approximately 55% of marriages today end in divorce. Unresolved anger issues are one of the most significant underlying causes. The unfinished business around anger is destroying Christian homes. Anger is as much a destructive force in Christian homes as it is in non-Christian ones. In fact, in some cases anger can be more suppressed and oppressive in Christian homes.
You will learn to determine your anger level or another person’s anger to see if it is problematic. Tools are given from a Christian point of view that will help you gain self-control in situations where anger is destructive.The goal is to learn to take responsibility for our feelings and express anger in a healthy way.
Freedom Centre Church is hosting this course Wednesday nights on September 26 through October 24 from 7:00 to 9:30 p.m.
There is a cost to attend and preregistration is required. Registrations can be made as noted on the presenter’s website at
For more details about the course and the presenters, please download the PDF brochure